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Tabletop Gaming

TCG, DND, Board Games 

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EXP Lounge is proud to support all Trading Card Games. We offer free tables for all of our customers to take advantage of on a first come first serve basis. We also have a free board game library so customers can test out some of our favorites before they commit to a purchase. 
As an official Wizards of the Coast and Bandai store we offer official tournaments and weekly events to help bring TCG players together. Whether you want to trade, play, or just meet new friends check out our Calendar to see what's going on at EXP Lounge

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"Trading Card Game Day" Every Tuesday:
Stop in any time on Tuesday for a discount on your first TCG Pack or Bundle.

Pokémon Experience:
Come trade and show off your collection of trading cards

Friday Night Magic:
Official and casual tournaments, drafts, and skirmishes

Yu-Gi-Oh Experience:
You know what time it is. Bring your cards and prove your skills.

Dragon Ball Super Experience:
Trade, battle, and compete in tournaments with our awesome Dragon Ball community.

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